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domingo, abril 09, 2006

Garimpeiros (10)

Dead Count

Crop Ear: Suffered slit throat from Dority in response to rudeness and hostility over Dority's authority in the Gem.


"(At Alma´s claim, the rig is pounding, laborers are shouting. We see Francis Wolcott standing stock still in the center of it all. Surveying his surroundings. Ellsworth sees Wolcott from above, as he begins approaching Wolcott, we see his right hand rest on his gun, at the ready. Wolcott is turning slowly, he spots Ellsworth, gun at the ready, heading his way...)

Wolcott: Hello.

Ellsworth: What´s your business?

Wolcott: I`m Francis Wolcott.

Ellsworth: (approaches closer) My name´s Ellsworth, Mr. Francis Wolcott. Can you hear me?

Wolcott: Yes, sir. How do you do?

Ellsworth: I´m well. Glad you make me out.

Wolcott: Yes, sir.

Ellsworth: Because them as poke around Miz Garret´s workings without a by-your-leave ain´t welcome, Mr. Wolcott, and you ought not to repeat your fuckin´ mistake.

Wolcott: Well, that´s an uncivil response to an innocent error.

Ellsworth: Did you work in the Comstock when you was beardless?

Wolcott: I did.

Ellsworth: For Mr. George Hearst, as a keen eye for the color?

Wolcott: As a geologist for Mr. Hearst. Well, you have the advantage of me, Mr. Ellsworth.

Ellsworth: That ain´t a possibility, Wolcott. No more than an error of yours would be innocent.

Wolcott: I do dimly recall an Ellsworth-superintended the consolidated Virginia operations.

Ellsworth: I don´t give a fuck what you recall.

Wolcott: A hero. Dug a week without respite to save three poor souls from a cave-in.

Ellsworth: And 46 corpses in a fucking hole that ought never to have been dug.

Wolcott: Always a choice...to count the saved or the lost.

Ellsworth: Get off this property.

Wolcott: Just as a man opposed to inevitable change needn´t invariably be called a luddite, another choice might be simply to describe him as slow in his processes.

Ellsworth: You tell that cocksucker you work for the next surrogate he sends oughtn´t to be bloodied from the Comstock.

Wolcott: (Looks up at the stamp, turns to leave, turns back to Ellsworth...) The noise is terrible, isn´t it, Mr. Ellsworth? Like fate.

(Ellsworth eyes Wolcott as he leaves the claim, heaving with rage at the retreating


(Trixie is seated at a table in the Gem, smoking a cigarette, Dan is behind the bar,
puffing on a cigar...)

Dan: A creature walking `round on hind legs. Just like crop ear and them half-dozen bushwhackers out in the forest, ones I´d fall in with or out-whatever suited my daily purpose. (Trixie looks at Dan) That´s what I was till I crossed paths with Al.

Trixie: Well, bang the drum and play the pipes and I´ll rend our fuckin´ garments.

Dan: I was just sayin´.

Trixie: I ain´t hearin´ confessions this afternoon. (pauses) Say you´ll burn it down with me, Dan.

Dan: What?

Trixie: This fuckin´ place - before letting Tolliver take it over.

Dan: (choking back tears) Done.


(Al lays in bed, all tucked in, a look of relief, resignation and relaxation on his face.)

Al: Pff-fft."

Deadwood Transcripts

posted by Luís Miguel Dias domingo, abril 09, 2006

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e Enda Walsh e Jean Genet e Frank Gehry's first skyscraper e Radiohead and Massive Attack play at Occupy London Christmas party - video e What Heaven Looks Like: Part 3 e
And I love Life and fear not Death—Because I’ve lived—But never as now—these days! Good Night—I’m with you. e
What Heaven Looks Like: Part 4 e Krapp's Last Tape (2006) A rare chance to see the sell out performance of Samuel Beckett's critically acclaimed play, starring Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter via entrada como last tapes outrora dias felizes e agora MALONE meurt________

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