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sexta-feira, outubro 03, 2008

The former Clash guitarist looks back on the historic Shea Stadium...

"I love that moment just before you go onstage," says Mick Jones. "There's nothing there, and then you see what you can make happen."

"We never dreamt we'd get to that place," says Jones, on the telephone from his beloved London. "We just set out to play a few songs, have a few laughs, and the rest was just magic."

MSN Music: What do you hear when you listen to this recording of the Shea Stadium show?

Mick Jones: To me, I like to hear the four individuals of the band and how they jell together. It's kind of magic. I like to hear it as an overall thing. And, the way this has been put together, you can hear everything clearly, the amalgam of four people and how it all clicks together.

This was a tumultuous time for the band. You changed drummers, and by the next year you had broken up. Can you hear any of that tension in the performance?

As we got more successful, we couldn't really handle it, but that didn't come out onstage. Those other forces didn't really affect the shows; we just had developed other interests, like, you know, fishing or whatever (laughs).

Everything always just went so fast, from the start to the finish of the Clash. We were continually doing stuff, and we really never thought that much about it. We were very conscious of continually putting stuff out, recording everything even when there was no real reason to. Even these shows, we recorded them because we were doing a video, and so we just recorded the whole shows to cut to the numbers we filmed. Then, after that, they got lost anyway and didn't show up until much later, when one of us moved.

This show has a fantastic medley of "The Magnificent Seven" and "Armagideon Time." Was it hard to play the hip-hop and reggae-based music onstage?

Well, even that -- on the previous night, we did them separately, so you see we really were continually experimenting. We were always interested in what music was going on and how we could appropriate it into our music. Not copying it, but seeing what it was that we could bring to it.

The Clash Documentary - Joe Strummer. Part 1 and 2

posted by Luís Miguel Dias sexta-feira, outubro 03, 2008

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