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sábado, março 25, 2006

Garimpeiros (8)

Dead Count:

Episode #14: Slippery Dan Impaled on a set of antlers in the Gem by Silas Adams.


(Back in Al´s office, Dolly is giving him a blowjob while he waxes rhapsodically.)

Al: Even this now gives me no pleasure.
Seth: (From outside) Swearengen! Be down in five minutes with my gun and badge!
Jane: Start down now you limey cocksucker! Allow for getting stuck crawling out from under the bed.
Al: That Bullock´s a fucking strategist, ain´t he? Sets terms to publicly humiliate me, and my penalty if I don´t comply is he walks into the bar downstairs and takes 15 bullets in the chest. (Lifts Dolly´s head up to look at him) And that ain´t no hooplehead, you know. Bullock, he´s one of those special fucking cases. You don´t know what in fuck´s going on in their mind. And he´s big with Montana. (guides her head back to his prick) Big. I heard that today. Because the news earlier from Yankton and the fucking commissioners wasn?t adequately confusing. Not to mention the fucking telegraph coming in and four whores that I don´t know who the fuck they work for.
Seth: Three minutes!
Al: (Yelling) Shut the fuck up! (normal) I suppose I do fucking understand. So fucking confused and disgusted and wanting it to end and looking for the blessing of a quick way out. Sets himself to a higher fucking standard than our natures, and he wants execution ´cause he´s failed.
Seth: One minute!
Charlie: What the fuck happened to two?
Al: (Dolly finishes) Talk about one person fucking up another person´s entire fucking day. (He walks to the balcony, buttoning up along the way, Seth reaches for the gun in his holster...Al points at Bullock) Wait. (He turns and goes back inside, Seth drops his hand.)
Sol: (He´s on the porch of the Hardware store watching the scene with Trixie) I had best go over.
Trixie: Wait. (He stops, she goes back inside)
Al: (to Dolly) You linger awhile. Do no think of thieving, huh? (Picks up his pocket watch, Dolly wipes her mouth with her ass-poking-thumb-hand. Al walks downstairs...) Johnny, produce that coal-oil-stinking suit. (Johnny does as told ? Al looks at Dan) Unless you?d rather get it for me. (Dan shakes his head "nah, That´s alright.")
Seth: (Outside) I wish the fuck you two would let me finish this the way I prefer.
Jane: Well, we wish to fuck you would find something else to wish for.

(Johnny steps outside ? Jane and Charlie take their aim...)

Johnny: Jesus Christ! I´m unarmed (opens his jacket) He´s coming. He´s detained. Getting dressed.
Jane: Ain´t it always a trial picking out the gown best conceals you fucking pissed yourself?

(Johnny heads back inside, A.W. Merrick enters the thoroughfare from his printing shed.
Trixie comes back out of the hardware store, a rifle and a six-shooter in her hands...)

Trixie: I recommend the six-shooter, being this rifle´s first recoil´s liable to knock you unconscious with pain.
Sol: (takes the six-shooter) Thank you.

(Sol steps ahead, Merrick readies his notepad, Trixie aims her rifle...)

Trixie: (Whispers) Selfish cocksucker.

(Dan sets Bullocks Gun and Badge down for Al. Al´s nearly done getting dressed. He sighs, groans with the effort of dressing, Dan offers him a knife.)
Al: Huh-uh. (Dan offers him a six-shooter, Al shakes his head "no") That´s not to say should the situation deteriorate, you boys wouldn´t open fire from concealment, huh?

(Al picks up the Gun and Badge and proceeds outside. Merrick licks his pencil - Ready to report! Sol approaches Jane and Charlie...)

Jane: (Scoffs) Hardware Jew at less than full force, now they´ll be fucking quaking.

(Al, holding the gun and badge, steps out onto the porch of the Gem. He & Bullock lock eyes. Dan peers out the window.)

Al: I regret the delay, I was sequestered. Have been, one thing and another since last we met. I also apologize for the stink.
Jane: Welcome change from your usual odor of skunk.

(Charlie swats her arm, Seth stares back at her, Al approaches Seth...when Al stops, Seth looks back at him...)

Al: I offer these, (lifts up the gun & badge) and I hope you´ll wear them a good long fucking time in this fucking camp, whosever fucking thumb we´re under. And where it come to me just a few moments ago that the Reverend Smith?may he rest his soul - he was found on the road, apparently murdered by heathens just some months ago. What he said on the subject of you, "Mr. Bullock raises a camp up, and I hope he´ll reside with us and improve our general fucking atmosphere for a good long fucking time, even with all the personal complications and fucking disasters that we all fucking have, and where, running away solves absolutely fucking nothing."

(Seth, for lack of an immediate response to that, takes his gun & badge from Al)

Seth: (quietly) Did you find my hat?

(Al lifts and eyebrow, turns to the balcony and yells...)

Al: Dolly! (She pokes her head out) Would you look for the Sheriff´s hat? (She nods) Remember the reverend´s half-dead face, that cock-eyed look like he was the victim of a lightening stroke, hmm? (Dolly comes out onto the Balcony with Seth´s hat.) May she sail it down or would that be degrading?
Seth: No.
Al: Toss it, Dolly. (She tosses it down with her ass-poking -cum-wiping-hand) I wish her aim was as good with her thumb.

(Seth has an "I don?t want to know" look on his face. Al smiles and starts to walk back inside. Seth puts on his hat. Trixie lowers her gun. Seth looks up at Alma´s window. She closes the curtain?s on him...)


Al: Whereas the warp, woof and fucking weave of my story´s tapestry would foster the illusions of further commerce, huh? (Al is now laying down on his bed, sideways - his ass must hurt that much!) "Tonight, throughout Deadwood (cut to a shot of Seth, standing before the little footbridge leading to his house... contemplating) Heads may be laid to pillow assuaged and reassured, for that purveyor for profit of everything sordid and vicious, Al Swearengen, already beaten to a fare-thee-well earlier in the day by Sheriff Bullock, has returned to the Sheriff the implements and ornaments of his office. (Seth crosses the bridge, steps onto the porch...) Without the tawdry walls of Swearengen´s saloon the Gem, (Seth enters) decent citizens may pursue with a new and jaunty freedom (Martha watches Seth enter...) all aspects of Christian commerce. In which connection, we particularly recommend-" There you´d throw in the names of a few businesses gave you good-sized adverts, huh?


Al: "A full fair-mindedness requires us also to report that within the Gem, on Deadwood`s main thoroughfare, comely whores, decently priced liquor and the squarest games of chance in the hills remain unabatedly available at all hours, seven days a week."


posted by Luís Miguel Dias sábado, março 25, 2006

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